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Speaking vessels – exhibition

In this virtual 360° panorama exhibition CAJUGA opens not only her home but also her heart. Here she allows her guests to take a seat and discover what her ceramics have to say. For they visualise her inner dialogue with God. Whether pure curiosity or the search for basic trust brought you here, CAJUGA wants to empower and encourage her guests with her „speaking vessels“.

„It is an honour and delight to welcome you here in my virtual home.

Please feel free to roam this home. The first room I’m opening up for the public is the kitchen, the heart of the house.

And I invite you to discover my art which comes straight from the heart.“

Computer, tablet or vr-glasses provide the best viewing experience.


Navigation guide

In the 360° pano-exhibition click on the icons to view photos and videos.

To look around on the computer, click the left mouse button and drag the panorama in the desired direction. On the tablet, control the touchscreen accordingly.


art statement

Just like a good song, Art is the language of the heart…

what I show you

is never what I show you

but something else instead

It captures the thing that escapes me 

and yet I live from it

What I show you

isn’t necessarily what I show you

but it captures what I mean

which I could not just say to you

in mere words


Thoughts form reality

„Many people say, that our belief is a privat thing. And I think they are right.

But whatever we believe will go public in our words and actions and thus leave the privacy of our minds. 

I would be delighted if my adventures awaken in you a longing to experience your own adventure with God.

Or as the quantum physicists put it: with the loving intelligence“

Do you have words that inspire you?

Then give me these words, choose an object and I transform them into inspiration.

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